It’s NOT time to move Confederate flag to museum

June 26, 2015 (Windy Hill Beach, SC) — Last week, a man who reportedly wanted to start a race war came to a church in Charleston, entered the Wednesday night Bible study or prayer meeting or some such, stayed for some 45 minutes, and then murdered nine of the folks in the room. All folks of good will are repulsed by the murder of these people.

Some folks of good will are also urging that the Confederate flag, prominently flying over a memorial on the State House grounds in Columbia, be removed. I think removing that flag would be a terrible mistake, doing much more harm than good. Here’s a message I sent to my state legislators a few minutes ago via the online contact feature at

Subject: Please don’t remove the Confederate flag

Voting to remove Confederate flag would surely make it much more difficult to soon correct the terribly wrongheaded and widespread notion that the flag is a symbol of hate. Slavery was an evil institution. Our nation’s founding fathers erred in deleting Jefferson’s excoriation of the King about slavery from the Declaration of Independence, and again in not abolishing slavery in our borders. We’re still suffering greatly because of those decisions. Multitudes of Confederate soldiers fought to defend against Northern invasion after secession. To characterize their efforts as racist is a damn lie, and those who vote to remove the flag are surrendering to and promoting that lie.

Steve Schulin,
North Myrtle Beach

One thought on “It’s NOT time to move Confederate flag to museum

  1. Jan 25, 2017 – We have a new Governor here in South Carolina, and it seems incredible that he is a member of a country club that reportedly has only white folks as members. I don’t know if the club refuses to accept new members based on race, or whether no one other than white folks want to be members. But I do know that I’ve heard at least one commenter lump the apparent racial discrimination with the matter of the confederate flag. I hate the evil of racism and I hate the evil of castigating southern heritage as dispicable.

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