Does your #tcot town pay for Obamacare reporting?

April 24, 2016 (Windy Hill Beach, SC) — Our city government here in North Myrtle Beach recognized Assistant Finance Director Jamie Baker with our “Supervisor of the Quarter Award”. The local newspaper, North Myrtle Beach Times, reported that the award recognized her work, which in part includes “completing and filing Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) reporting”. The “Employee of the Month Award” went to Human Resources Technician Crystal McGhee. The Times reports that “She was recognized for her work in obtaining and processing the information necessary for the city to meet the many reporting requirements associated with the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). She also helped to develop a streamlined process for obtaining and processing information for future years.”

North Myrtle Beach has a permanent population of approximately 21,000 people, as best I recall. That we have at least two city employees working on Obamacare prompts my #tcot curiosity as to what we’re paying to report to whom.

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