Small business? Time to open up to export opportunities

December 17, 2016 (Windy Hill Beach, SC) — Small- and medium-sized businesses in the US lack an “export mentality”. Only about 5% of them export anything, according to Jerry Haar, a guest columnist in yesterday’s Orlando Sentinel.

I’m happy to announce that a really easy way for you to get the attention of millions of overseas customers is going to open up in late January 2017. Get ready now by learning about a cryptocurrency that is being acquired by thousands of new people around the world each day. The company already has over 2.8-million folks who are “mining” the cryptocurrency, and I expect the company will meet its goal of raising that number to 10-million by early 2018.

The company CEO announced this week that the merchant platform will open late next month, and that merchants will be able to participate for free. I went to a meeting this summer in London where this merchant platform was discussed. The company is planning to offer merchants a year of zero transaction costs related to accepting the cryptocurrency as payment. Millions of customers. No fees to you. There has never been a better time to try out an export mentality.

If you’re here in the North Myrtle Beach area, please consider coming to office for Tuesday noon meeting about the cryptocurrency. That’s every Tuesday at noon: 1019 Hwy 17 South, Suite 108, North Myrtle Beach SC 29582. The office is in the North Myrtle Beach Business Center, located on the ocean side of Wells Fargo bank.

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