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June 7, 2015 (North Myrtle Beach, SC) — Welcome to www.NMB.SC. Very few things in life work out as you planned, but I was delighted about thirty years ago when my bride told me that when the time came to retire, she wanted us to move to the Myrtle Beach area. And that’s exactly what we did. My family has deep roots here. We’re living in the Windy Hill section of North Myrtle Beach, which is where my Great Great Great Uncle Jeremiah Vereen grew indigo. Jeremiah was a soldier in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. During George Washington’s second term as President, he came to South Carolina on horseback, and his map mistakenly indicated that my uncle’s house was a public inn. I imagine my uncle’s delight when George Washington showed up at his door. A cousin of mine, Peter Horry, fought with Francis Marion, “The Swamp Fox”, during that war. The county is named after him.

My goal for www.NMB.SC is to help North Myrtle Beach residents and visitors to thrive. All of good will are welcome here.

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