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June 9, 2015 (North Myrtle Beach, SC) — “Nine out of 10 say that high-speed Internet is important and necessary for quality of life” – Jasen Bronec, CEO of Delta-Montrose Electric Association, a Colorado utility. That quote is from a front page story in a Colorado newspaper today.

Google's first eCity designation in South Carolina was awarded to North Myrtle Beach
Google’s first eCity designation in South Carolina was awarded to North Myrtle Beach

Here in North Myrtle Beach, broadband access is available to all, according to Google, which cited that fact in 2013 as part of the reason that it designated North Myrtle Beach as South Carolina’s first eCity.

Routinely robust Internet sure allows for a lot of things, but to say it’s necessary for quality of life seems a gross overstatement. I caught the last fifteen minutes of CoastToCoastAM this morning. The guest was someone who’s done a lot of research on our society’s susceptibility to Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) effects. He was emphasizing the sun as a natural source of a pulse that will someday, unless we protect our electric grid beforehand, totally disable our electric power system (along with disabling everything else that relies on unprotected microprocessors). The host asked the guest how many Americans are prepared, even just with food, for any type of abnormal event. The guest quickly said that more than 90% of folks are totally prepared. If you’re one of the prepared few, he said to expect neighbors¬†knocking on your door the day after a major EMP event, and to expect them and perhaps others breaking your door down soon thereafter. So when I read that some 90% of folks anywhere consider broadband to be necessary for quality of life, I shake my head and sigh.

Are you one of the more than 90% who isn’t prepared? Is lack of available money part of what’s keeping you from becoming prepared? Well, have I got a tool for you! Go to thrive.nmb.sc, watch the video, and send me¬†your name and email address in the form provided. I will send you information that has helped many others. All of good will are welcome!

Ref: Dennis Webb (Sentinel reporter), “Residents ask utility for faster Internet; DMEA cites need to offer broadband“, The Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction, CO), June 9, 2015, p. 1A — lead story

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